At B.T. Bones we share a
deep appreciation for
great steaks, and we
show this in the ultimate
quality of the Aged Beef
that we serve. We invite
you to take the time to
savor the true
Flame-grilled taste
and to enjoy
memorable dining
B.T. Bones Steakhouse changes the menu as a part of an ongoing quality improvement program.  As a result the published menu may not
always reflect the in-house menu.  All items on the menu may not be available at any given time, and prices may change without notice.

Cool, red center;
light brown outside

Medium Rare
Warm, red center;
light brown outside

Hot pink center;
brown outside

Medium Well
Hot slightly pink center;
dark brown outside

Hot, brown center
Dark, brown surface
(Thick cuts are butterflied to
insure well done.)
We do not recommend well
done steaks, nor do we
guarantee them.